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An Allstar fuel card with unbeatable service!

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Just interested in the fuel card without the additional services we offer?

We have added unbeatable service and support benefits to the nationwide Allstar refuelling network to create Completefleet, the first smart fuel management solution. Nothing matches it, with complete HMRC compliant reporting tools to save up to 24% on mileage claims, save up to 50% on servicing and maintenance costs, additional services, such as M6toll payment and genuine personal account management.

Three Smart Allstar Fuel Card Packages to Choose From

It’s all about convenience and savings.
Choose the level of service you require – the higher the level, the more cost and time savings you can expect to achieve. All three smart Allstar fuel card packages are designed to make your life easier.

per driver per month
Smart Fuel Cards
Fuel cards with mileage capture
per driver per month
Smart Fuel Cards + Duty of Care + Discount Maintenance
Servicing and maintenance
Reduce cost of tyres and parts
Savings of up to 50% on main dealer prices at Bosch network of garages

Straight Forward Benefits

Every benefit of the unmatched Completefleet solution is backed by industry-leading personal service. Your named account manager knows you and your fleet, with eServices and Drivers Club rounding out the total support package, plus reduce fuel costs (mileage claims) by up to 24%.

Fleet cost savings
Easy finding of the cheapest refuelling for less off-route travel,

Plus business mileage claims reduced by up to 24%,

Plus minimised administration. It all adds up to significant savings.

Nationwide convenience
More than 7,600 places to refuel with top-quality petrol and diesel, nationwide, means that fast refuelling is never far away

Use our Pump locator, (309) 750-7172.

The Completefleet Allstar fuel card can also be used to pay the M6 Toll, find out more, (937) 823-6455.

Smart fleet tools
Technology-leading mileage capture heads a complete suite of fleet management tools,

Complete Care – covering everything from reliable licence checking to annual duty of care driver risk assessments

Complete Service Card – lower-cost vehicle maintenance and repair.

Sustainability support
From comprehensive fleetwide monitoring of exhaust emissions, to guidance on setting a strategy, a proven range of sustainability services is based on experience.
Peace of mind
Leading-edge security includes irregular usage alerts, personalisation of benefits to individual drivers or vehicles, fraud prevention features and zero-liability reassurance.

Going the Extra Mile

[su_row][su_column size="1/2"]Savings of up to 50% off your servicing, parts and tyres.(682) 267-0972[/su_column] [su_column size="1/2"]Award winning support for your duty of care compliance.complete-care[/su_column][/su_row] CompleteFleet_Desktop_HOME_Banner_1000px12345